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November 27th 2008
A fantastic site, and brilliant effort. A great piece of work.
By Merrill

November 25th 2008
Hi Mila! I'm so glad you are here finally! I hope you have a fun time here in Richmond.We love you here. You always make me have a smile.Guess what our cousin Zack is coming for Thanksgiving. We hope you like him.
By Shaan C. Kapadia

November 20th 2008
I just clicked on your website and read Mila and your family's incredible story. I am glad that my son George is getting to know Mila in pre-school and look foward to more fun times with all the kids and parents!
By Jeannie Kedas

October 16th 2008
Dear Milanee,

It is such a wonderful story. Mila is a beautiful child and I am so happy that I met you guys. Hats off to you and Sujal. God Bless.
By Atasi

July 12th 2008
Milanee, you will not know me, but a very dear friend directed me to your incredible story. Your Mila is beautiful. And the resemblance between you two goes beyond the names. Mila was clearly meant to be with you and Sujal. You give me hope, that I may find my own Mila too. All the best.
By Koli

July 1st 2008
It is such a pleasure to know the little kid getting a bright future with the graceful help of kind hearted people like Milanee and Sujal...I wish for each orphan kid somewhere there is a Milanee and Sujal in some corner of this world...A hearty congratulations and best wishes for such a beautiful work..
By Sneha Soni

April 17th 2008
What a wonderful journey and what a precious little reward, it was definitely worth the wait and the stress. Congratulations in the new joyful road to follow in the years to come.
By Irene

December 24th 2007
Welcome to Mila and congratulations to you both. We look forward to meeting your new princess and introducing her to her cousins Ameena and Anjali. I can only imagine the struggle you've been through to get her here, and it's heartening to hear of the happy ending. Mila is lucky to have found you...annd you her. Let's get everyone together soon.
By Neil, Sheena, Ameena and Anjali

Congratulation to the parents as you found a bundle of joy name MILA. Bravo for all the hard work to the journey of success.We love you all and lots of love to MILA
By Uday, Leena, Shrey and Mitali

December 3rd 2007
CONGRATULATIONS!  She is absolutely beautiful and I am so thrilled for you both.  May she bring you all the love and joy you deserve!  What a lucky girl she is to have found you as her parents!
By Jill Scott

November 7th 2007
She is so precious...congratulations!! would love to meet her once you guys have settled down with her
By Samir and Shaneel

Dear Suj and Mil,
I am so excited for you as you begin a new life having received a gift of the greatest magnitude. Your lives will now be infinitely brighter, more colorful, and magical - more so than you could have ever dreamed - as Mila paints her masterpiece onto your hearts. My sincerest blessings to Mila for a beautiful life. I can't wait to see you.
Dear Mila,
Many hearts have prayed and waited for the day you would be received into the loving arms of your mom and dad. Those same hearts are now thanking God for your arrival, asking Him to bless your future and waiting to see your smile :) With love....
By Kibby (Devjani)

We look forward meeting Mila and doing whatever else we can to help all of you.  You are about to embark on a most amazing journey and we are all very happy for you both!!!!!
By Marie N. Amerasinghe

Milanee, Sujal & Mila,
It's such a beautiful thing this life we live. What is even more beautiful is that you three have found each other. We are so happy and excited for you guys! We hope to meet her sometime soon. Until then... Take Care,
By Shivani and Cho

Congratulations and welcome to the world of parenthood. The website is beautiful and so is your daughter. I look forward to meeting her and seeing you three living life at 400 WEA.
By Adrienne M. Alicea

This is just awesome to read and see pictures of Mila! Congrats, congrats, and congrats. I can't wait to come to NYC to meet her. 
By Neel Murarka

We are extremely happy to see your baby girl. Good luck with everything.
By Kunal
Very very cute Milanee ... cant wait to meet her !
So here I was thinking you were getting settled in your new apt…. Thinking of you often.. ** what a beautiful, beautiful child… and your website is so lovely and thoughtfully done.. Are you mid-flight as I tap? Thanks for keeping me posted..
By xxjoanne

This is so great! I am absolutely thrilled to learn that Mila is with you now. Very very exiting:) Finally got a glimpse of her pics - which btw are adorable!
By Darshana

I cannot begin to tell you howm much Admiration and respect i Have for you. All the best for your trip to India and we cant wait to meet Mila. I think she has found much more than just parents.............
By Rahul Sandil

November 5th 2007
It was so wonderful meeting you Mila, and we miss you already! Hope to see again real soon . .
By Niva, Akash, Maushu and Shaan

It was our previlege to have little Mila in the nanalal family. The family has become richer by her adoption. We all in the family congratulate Sujal & Milanee for taking the bold step. It shows their willingness to alieviate the sufferings and pain of silent ones by bonding with this little Mila. Their contribution, howsoever little in this ocean of sufferings, is very commendable.

Mila is a very pretty and intelligent kid. Her perceptive eyes are always trying to assess the new world. This is her new world where love and care in abundance will be showered upon her from now on. She is very smart to recognize that.

I was with her for her first week in her new family. You dont realize that even one week with someone unkown becomes part of you. The bonding was instant the day she arrived and gradully she has grown over me. We had some memorable walks and plays together in the playground within the compounds of her new residence at kailas society. Her streched out arms at the moment of my arrival, to welcome me in her own way, will remain indelibel in my heart.

Mila was luky to have her great grandmother Mana (90-yrs) chilling out with her everyday. We all here will be erased from her memory in due time but one person will always remain deep in her memory - Ninni.
She recognised the trait adopted by all the children & adults of the Nanala Family i.e. to depend blindly for instantaneous help from Ninni is your fundamental right. That recognition and acceptance completed her crossover to her new family.

I am sure Mila will one day become a beutiful person by Sujal-Milanee's love and care. Her gradparents Jayeshbahi & Sadubhabhi's understanding in this matter of adoption is sincerely appreciated. Love you Mila. We will meet again.
By Kamalkaka-Jonakaki

November 4th 2007
Hi Milanee, Sujal and Mila,
Congratulations! We are very pleased  to see Mila's pictures. Now, we can not wait too long to see the cute girl in USA. Wish you all the best.
By Anjali & Himanshu

Congratulations Sujal & Milanee!! We are so happy for you. We look forward to meeting Mila soon. Hugs to Mila.
By Aashir, Toral & Amish

November 3rd 2007
Sweet Mila,
Welcome to our family. After a long journey you have come to your real home, home filled with love and warmth.Your presence will bring immense joy to Suj and Milanee and all of us.May God bless you in every way with your new journey of life.
By Ammi and Baba

Dear Mila,
 I am so excited to meet you! We are going to be like sister. I love ice cream too! I hope you come to Richmod for Thanksgiving! Hope I can see you soon!
By Soni
November 2nd 2007

Milanee & Suj,
Congratulations.  Story is very touching.  We are very happy that everything worked out well after going through so much.  I can’t wait to see sweet Mila with new parents. Love
By Smta & Dushyant

Sima, Yazmeen and I look forward to spending a ton of time with you.  Yazmeen looks forward to you taking her around that really big park in your new home :-)
By Cyrus Deyhimi

Welcome to our family!  You will be a beautiful addition to much warmth and love.  We can't wait to meet you.
By Natasha and Chris

We can't wait to meet you!  Yazmeen is already asking when we are going to have a play date!  Love- Yazmeen, Cyrus, and Sima.  Hugs and lots of kiss.
By Sima, Cyrus, and Yazmeen

Hi Mila I can't whait to meet you.We will have so much fun together .Did you know that we will be cousins. 
By Shaan

After a long wait, Mila has started her journey to a new life with Sujal and Milanee. Mila, your kaka and kaki anxiously await your arrival. Soni and Shaan are getting ready for your ice cream party! We love you.
By Shaival and Jill

November 1st 2007
Mila, I am counting down the days till I meet you.  You will bring immense joy to a lot of people.  So come home soon so we can put our heads together and scheme on how to make life a 3-ring circus for your parents!
By Madhuri

Mila is beautiful!  Love her big brown eyes!  I'm sure the emotional rollercoaster was tough during the "unknown" ... but what a sweet reward!  You two never gave up!  Can't wait to meet her!
By Priscilla (Kwan) Goodwin

I cannot wait to here a young sweet voice calling me MAMMUUUUUUUUUU. I am looking forward to meet the new angel, my niece....Koi Mila Gaya :)))
By Mamuuuu :) (Rhythm)

Welcome to the family, Mila! Milanee & Suj, Congratulations!! Can't wait to meet Mila.
By Hemali & Vishal

It always nice to hug a little child, especially the one you will bring to the United States.
By Daddy & Mommy,

Welcome to beautiful Mila and congratulations to her amazing parents. I'm so happy for all of you. Love
By Roma

Our dearest Milanee and Sujal,
We are so proud of the journey you both have taken to achieve this dream and wish you all the best for a wonderful experience ahead with Mila. We are so happy to have another addition to our small family (a grand daughter) and look forward to playing with her soon. We know you both will make great parents and Mila is going to make your life complete.
Best wishes and blessings
By Suketu mama and Bharati mami

Hi Sujal and Milani (and now Mila)
Finally your dream has come true "jub Mila mil gai". Can't wait to hug the new addition to the family. Love
By Siddhimasi

Just read the news! Congratulations to you, Sujal, and Mila! Can't wait to meet her! :)  Best wishes
By Payal (Auntie)

October 31st 2007

Congratulations to the new parents! Thanks so much for sharing your story! Hope to see you & your family soon - Neer (13m) & Mila can play! Much love,
By Neha, Nitin, Nishay & Neer

What a great adventure!  And it's only going to get better!  I'm so happy for you and your family.
By Chris Coffey

Hey, cool, congratulations!  Very exciting stuff, and quite touching...  I love the name.
By Raj Yerasi

We are really very happy for all 3 of you. We are proud of Suj & Mil for the bold leap and courageous decision. We wish all the best to the 3 of you. Lots of Love.
By Tanvi & Nehal

Hey Suj and Mil,
Wow, Mila is so cute and adorable!!! I am so happy for all three of you to have found each other! Can't wait to meet Mila soon!!!
By Vaishali Makim

This is just awesome to read and see pictures of Mila!  Congrats, congrats, and congrats.  I can't wait to come to NYC to meet her. 
By Nagin Uncle and Hansa Auntie

Dear Milanee and Sujal,
We are really very very happy and excited about your little Mila.
Our love and blessings to all of you. May Lord Krishna give you all the happiness of parenhood.
By Nagin Uncle and Hansa Auntie

Heartiest congratulations! Its just the beginning of a wonderful journey. very very happy for you guys!! Mila is wonderful!
By Dhaval -Sneha-Jainum

Welcome little one!!
By Rich Rothman

Welcome, Mila! I am so happy for the young family Kapadia. It took so long and required such persistence but I am sure the payoff is sweet. Congrats!
By Stephanie

You guys this brought tears to my eyes! I can't wait to meet her.. She looks beautiful!!
By Anar

Dear Miloo and Sujal,
I am very happy to see Mila's pictures and read story of your journey so far. Best wishes for years to come and have a safe trip back.
By Ragifoi, Ragini, Murarka

Milanee and Sujal,
I am so happy for you both.  Reading your journey brought tears to my eyes.  I cannot wait to meet Mila! Coco
By Coco Arnesen

Welcome Mila!!! We are so excited to meet you!
By Karen & Cem Karaca

Congratulations - this is wonderful news. can't wait to meet her!
By Sree & Roopa

We are so excited for both of you and your beautiful baby girl.  This is an amazing time for your family-thank you for sharing the experience, its inspirational and touching and just so sweet.  We can not wait to meet our new baby cousin! All Our Love to the New Family!
By Neeli and Matt

A big hug to Mila, Milanee & Sujal!  I am so proud of you guys!  Really looking forward to meeting you all next time. 
By Dinesh Hinduja

Milanee & Sujal, I am so happy for you!  Mila could not ask for more loving parents, and you will remember this trip forever.  It can be overwhelming at times (as I know), but you are doing something truly amazing.  October 24th will always be a day of meaning -- a day that changed your lives.  Get home soon with your wonderful daughter! 
By Chris & Devon

Congratulations !!!
By Bharat Desai

October 29th 2007
I just spent one of the most amazing days of my life- I picked up Mila at the orphanage in Jamnagar on October 24th.  I never thought I would have the emotions I had-- it was so overwhelming.  She of course, was having none of it, but it was still so great to see my little girl in the flesh!  She is the smartest little cookie I have ever met.
The other thing I want to mention is the help and kindness of all the people we met-- our friends here in the U.S. and Ahmedabad, the people in Jamnagar and of course, our families- but more to follow including pics!
By Milanee